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11 months ago

Can You Use Aggressive SEO--and Deliver Good Customer Service?

Last Updated Apr 18, 2011 11:11 AM EDT

What color is your SEO hat?

Are you a white-hatter who does everything by the book? Most companies claim that when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) ,they're completely legit. They read Matt Cutts' blog religiously and follow the industry's best practices " whatever they are today.

Is your hat gray? Do you take a few shortcuts, but try to play fair? Or are you an unashamed black-hatter, not afraid to hack, spam or buy your way into a number-one ranking on Bing!, Google, or Yahoo?

11 months ago

SLI Systems Updates Learning Navigation, Offering Improved SEO and Shopping Experience for E-Commerce Sites | Reuters

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Sept. 24,2015

NEW YORK, Sept. 24,2015 /PRNewswire/ --SLI Systems(SLI.NZ),aworldwide e-commerce provider for mid-to-largesizeInternet retailers and B2B sites,today released enhancementsto itsSLI Learning Navigationsolution.The new release provides visitors with better options for navigating site pages, improves search engine optimization (SEO) and gives online retailers more powerful ways to merchandise their products.SLI willdemonstrate the new release 2015 Digital SummitBooth #1001.

SLI Systems issued the news fromSLI Connect2015, the company's second annualNorth Americane-commerce summit taking place at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

11 months ago

SEO - (Why your SEO Company is Failing)

SEO - You hired an SEO firm a few months ago. You hired them because they talked a good talk, they seemed to know what they were doing, the results they promised sounded great, and the price was right. Now youre having buyers remorse. Youre not sure if youre getting ripped off, but youre not sure thats not happening.

Maybe they just dont know what theyre doing. The problem is, you dont know. Should you give them a deadline? Should you ask questions? Should you get angry, demand results, and get labeled as the difficult client? Or should you trust them? But what if all that money is just going nowhere? You dont want to throw good money after bad.

If you feel this way, then your

11 months ago

What Is SEO? Your 101 Guide to Search Engine Optimization | Erin McKelle

When I list "SEO" as one of my offered services as a digital media consultant, most people get tripped up. SEO is a buzzword that often throw around amongst those in the marketing and new media crowd, but have you ever wondered what exactly it means? Never fear, today, I've decided to break it down for you so that you'll be able to confidently use this term correctly.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. On the most basic of levels, it refers to a process used to most ideally advance your rankings and search capabilities online. For example, if you've written a blog post, you probably want to get the highest chance of readership possible, right? Increasing the odds of someone s

12 months ago

The Only Way To Be Successful At SEO: Take A Holistic Approach


Its going to be 2016 soon, and if you still dont have synergy between SEO and your other marketing channels, you are most likely not going to see solid organic traffic growth.

SEO in this day and age cannot live in its own silo anymore because we now know how much it is impacted, both directly and indirectly, by other marketing channels, such as social media, PR, offline marketing, and even email marketing. Some of these signals include brand mentions, ci

12 months ago

20 Essential Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Business Owners

Last Updated Jul 29, 2010 10:42 PM EDT

Matt Cutts, Google's most visible search engine optimization guru, has said there are more than 200 variables in the Google algorithm. Don't expect to find an explanation of all 200 here -- because I don't know them. (That's why Google is full of Ph.Ds.) But I have helped a number of Websites get to the No. 1 search result. How? By following simple rules. What I have learned about Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines over the last 15 years could fill my Starbucks Venti cup. Lots

12 months ago

Google's new e-mail service sparks privacy concerns.

Search engine giant Google has announced plans to introduce "Gmail" a free Web-based e-mail service that would offer users 1 gigabyte of storage. In return for the storage, Google's technology will scan users' incoming e-mail and then deliver targeted ads based on key words in the messages. For instance, a user receiving a message about a friend's new car might also receive ads from insurance companies, gas stations, and repair shops.

And that has privacy watchdogs around the world barking. European groups recently lodged a complaint with U.K. authorities, charging that Gmail may violate Europe's strict privacy laws because it stores messages where users cannot permanently delete the

12 months ago

How to Identify the Best SEO Strategy for Your Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things a lot of people talk about -- its something that not only can increase your traffic and your website rank in keywords, but eventually will lead to more sales. And who doesnt want more sales?

Related: 10 Tips for Combining SEO and Content Marketing

The problem is, with so many people talking about SEO, there are many strategies floating around as to what is the best way to go about implementing SEO on your website.

Sure, the task at hand sounds very easy at first, but using the wrong strategy will lead you to

12 months ago

Google's first risk manager: here, there and everywhere. Kelly Crowder, Google Inc.'s risk manager, brings discipline and breadth to a precedent-setti


* Google Risk Manager Kelly Crowder is rewriting the way the company approaches insurance.

* Google has pushed the boundaries regarding risks pertaining to patent infringement, privacy and business models.

* Run-of-the-mill E&O policies are not enough to cover Google's precedent-setting approaches to liability risks.


As it turned out, June of 2007, three years after Google Inc.'s blistering initial public offering, became another landmark in the storied corporate life of Google Inc. That month, Google, which up until then had handled risk management through Assistant Tre

1 year ago

What are the most dangerous websites?

(MoneyWatch) Security software company Symantec (SYMC) has released its Internet Security Threat report for 2011, and it is packed with interesting information about the relative risks of online activity.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the report is in the review of malicious code trends, which lists the 10 most dangerous categories of Websites. These categories of sites don't reflect the total number of infected sites; rather, they represent the kind of sites that tend to be the most infected per URL. Here they are in order of danger:

Blogs and Web communicationsHosting and personal hosted sites Business and economy Education and referenceTechnology Entertainment and musicAutomotiveHealth and medicinePorn

According to Symantec, 20 percent of all blog and Web communication sites are infected with malicious code, 15 percent of hosting sites are infected, and 10 percent of business and economy sites. Surprisingly, a mere 2 percent of pornographic sites are infected. Conventional wisdom would flip that list upside-down.

Symantec reminds us that Macs are no longer immune to security worries:

"The first known Mac-based bot network emerged in 2009 and 2011 saw a number of new threats emerge for Mac OS X, including trojans like MacDefender, a fake anti-virus program. Mac users are exposed to sites that push trojans by means of SEO poisoning and social networking. In May 2011, Symantec found a malware kit for Mac (Weyland-Yutani BOT) -- the first of its kind to attack the Mac OS X platform. In addition, many attack tools have become cross-platform, exploiting Java exploits whether they are on Macs or Windows PCs."


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